Our success is due to our strong management structure, our phenomenal operations and logistics team, and the excellent team of drivers, truck assistants, and maintenance staff employed to keep the wheels greased and turning all the time. We employ a staff compliment of over 90 permanent employees who are highly professional and well trained in their field of expertise. Our success mantra of: "No Load too big or too small, therefore anything is possible" has ensured our continued growth and expansion, and subsequently that of our clients.

The secret to our success is definitely our hands on approach and our accessibility in dealing with our clients. Our personalised service has ensured that our clients are able to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to ensure that our service leaves our clients satisfied and eager to utilise our service when the need arises.

Our commitment and loyalty to our clients has invariably ensured that we are definitely part of a winning team and our invaluable experience with them has allowed us to venture into successful relationships with other infamous brands.


FCL Logistics Team
The "A Team"
LCL Logistics Team
The "A Team"
The "A Team"

Our relationship with one of South Africa’s premier blue chip companies is testimony to our commitment to providing a qualitative transport service that meets both local and international standards. Our logistics & operations team in FCL, LCL, Supply Chain Management & Refrigerated transport has a collective experience of over 35 years.

As the transport industry is a service dominated industry, the elements of cost and quality service is the deciding factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. These logistics professional bring a wealth of knowledge and experience aimed at ensuring that we provide a high quality, cost saving transport solution. They ensure constant communication between the relevant stakeholders in every transport commitment thus ensuring the client is aware of the status of his delivery at all times.








While paperwork is the scurge of any business, a company’s future is wholly dependant on how well their administrative department performs. The success of any business is largely due to the competency and expediency of it’s Administrative function.

At Moosa’s Enterprises we are incredibly proud that our administrative and billings department can be regarded as one of the best in the industry. With an in-house administrative solution, specifically tailored to our client’s needs, our administrative and billings controllers are able to ensure that our clients receive their paperwork on time, reports are sent out daily, weekly and monthly that will assist in costing, delivery statistics, and that our clients can make key decisions with minimum delay.

Our query management is kept to a minimum, with the least amount of fuss and delay, as our turnaround time in handling client queries is quick, and the efficiency that these queries are dealt with is in keeping with our service mantra of “service par excellance”.


Supplier Procurement
Supplier Procurement

The quality and cost of the spare parts, tyres and specialised repair services we require and utilise in keeping our fleet “well oiled”, is a key factor in allowing us to offer a market related transport cost. However we do not believe in cutting costs by compromising on the quality of suppliers and service providers we use.

At Moosa’s Enterprises our experienced Supplier Procurement Controller has been tasked with ensuring that only the best products is used by us , and only the most experienced service providers is contracted to manage our fleet. With a network of the best suppliers and service providers on hand to assist us in our Fleet Management, we are at an advantage as we are able to negotiate better discounts for these products and services. This has invariably allowed us to factor these discounts into our transport costs and have made us a more competitive transport provider.