At Moosa’s Enterprises we are geared and committed to providing the best possible services to our esteemed clientele, by ensuring that their preferences and that of their clients is paramount and is met in all our contracts with them. The foundation of our success is built on the firm belief that there is no big or small client , as each client is afforded the “Moosa’s touch”, which includes the same personalised hands-on service, whereby each client is extended the same courtesy, diligence and respect due to them.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical, non racial enterprise with it’s foundation cemented in high standards and integrity. Our mission statement has always been “Total concern for our clients” founded on our motto of “service par excellence”.

Our services are comprehensive and diversified whereby we offer a “store & haul” service

Many of our customers choose to focus on their core business and outsource their transport, warehouse and distribution functions to the experts at Moosa’s Enterprises. We save them time and money they might otherwise need to invest in establishing their own transport, distribution facilities and capabilities.


We are a Broadbased BEE compliant transportation company currently operating in the heart of the Montague Gardens area, offering a localised transport service in the delivery of LCL, FCL, refridgerated and bonded cargo in the Cape Town and Metropole area. Our premised are secured, conveniently situated and ideally designed to maintain the professional service that we offer and become reputable for. Due to our convenient location we are able to offer our clients an excellent service at a market related cost, as we are near all the major Container and Unpack Depots ie. Port (Railhead), SACD, COMBI, SATI, Zakpak, Culemborg and major freeways N1, N2 & N7.


Our vast 1500 sqm building ensures that your cargo and containers is securely unpacked, stored and managed efficiently. With our large range of mechanical handling equipment we can move most types of goods in a careful and correct way. We can undertake all types of work should it be required from loading and unloading of containers , quality checks and any other requirements that our customers may want.


We at Moosa’s Enterprises understands your need for flexible, cost-effective contract logistics solutions based on the nature of your business – from high-volume retailers to seasonal and small businesses. We offer shared and contract warehousing and scalable labor based on your distribution volume.


We take pride in the partnerships we have formed over the past 40 years with the crème-de-la-crème of corporate South Africa. These partnerships have stood the test of time due to our unwavering support, loyalty and commitment during the good times and bad. When you outsource transport, distribution and warehousing services to Moosa’s Enterprises we take care of your transport and supply chain needs so you can focus on building your business based on these solid partnerships.

Our commitment and loyalty to our clients and our invaluable experience with them has allowed us to venture into other successful relationships with some of South Africa’s infamous brands. As a result we too have become a household name in the localised transport community.