We operate a fleet of over 90 trucks, 100 semi-trailers, refrigerated trailers and sidelifters. Our fleet compromises of the latest machinery and technology offered by the best brands in the industry, namely Mercedes Benz. Isuzu, MAN, Steelbro.

Fleet and fleet Maintenance

Our regular fleet maintenance is handled by our in-house mechanics, or by specialised service providers. In this way we are able to minimise truck breakdowns thereby ensuring that our deliveries are on time, most of the time. We believe in utilising the services of the best service providers that the industry has to offer, and this evident in our excellent truck safety and performance record.

Cargo Security and Integrity

In order to ensure that cargo security and integrity is maintained at all times, all our vehicles and trailers has been fitted with a satellite tracking device. These tracking systems is constantly monitored by our operations team as we are able to track the status and location of our clients’ cargo at all times. This is unique service to Moosa’s Enterprises as we are presently able to give our valued clients the assurance that their cargo is protected at all times.

We pride ourselves on the expertise of our drivers who are well versed in various procedures and protocol required in transportation of different types of cargo namely Containers (Import & Export), Hazchem, Refrigerated, etc.

Our vast experience in the industry has made us aware of the perils facing the transport sector, namely increased theft, hijacking, etc. Therefore we secure our clients cargo by virtue of a Goods in Transit Insurance (GIT) which further safeguards their cargo against theft, damage, etc., and gives them a peace of mind while their cargo is in transit.

Trusted Suppliers