Our History

The Man behind the Brand

Since it’s inception in 1974 Moosa’s Enterprises has grown phenomenally. The formation of this company was the vision and brainchild of it’s founder ES Moosa. Despite the rampant apartheid that was prevalent at that time, Mr Moosa did not use it as an excuse to give up on his dream of owning his own business, but rather used it as a platform to catapult his ambition by working hard, remaining loyal to the few clients he had garnered, and being trustworthy. It was these qualities that formed the foundation of what constitutes the Moosa’s Enterprises brand today.

Despite weathering many storms through the years, both professional and personal, through his gritty determination and forbearance Mr Moosa had powered through and never allowed the negativity of other business owners and fellow transporters to dampen his spirit. As a family owned business, Mr Moosa was able to draw on the strength of his family and friends, and during the darkest of times was buoyed by their faith and optimism. Today this family backbone is considered to be“partners” in his business as he able to enjoy the fruits of his labour with them at his side.

Presently, Moosa’s Enterprises is considered to be the largest local FCL (Full Container Load) transporter in Cape Town. Along with this accolade, and that of being the preferred and nominated transporter of some of the best and most well known brands in South Africa, ES

Moosa is able to look back on his life with a sense of pride and admiration, especially when he sees his fleet on the road en route to and from work each day.

Passing the Torch

With the semi retirement of the founder and visionary of Moosa’s Enterprises, the question on many minds was: “Will Ismail Moosa be able to achieve what his Dad had done, and will he be able to build on his father’s success, by taking Moosa’s Enterprises into the post democratic era?”

With the ardous task of having to fill some “very big shoes” Ismail Moosa set sail on unchartered, and sometimes choppy waters. Armed with a set of family values instilled in him by his parents, he was able to steer Moosa’s Enterprises on the course that it follows today. At 17 he started out as labourer at the back of a truck. His father believed that the best way and only way he was going learn was the “hard way”. There was no nepotism and favouritism, as Ismail was treated the same way as any employee, and was not allowed to use the excuse: “I am the boss’s son”. He was expected to perform and produce as any other employee, and was held to the same, and sometimes higher standard of excellence and quality.

Through this rigorous training Ismail Moosa was able to successfully step out of his father’s shadow, and become the worthy successor that he is today. With his mantra that there is “no shortcut to success”, Ismail had taken Moosa’s Enterprises through a refurbishment programme that has made the Moosa’s Enterprises' fleet one of the most recognised and admired fleet on Cape Town’s road today.

Recently Ismail Moosa was joined by his nephew Mohammed Moosa. As a toddler and then teenager, Mohammed knew that Moosa’s Enterprises was his future. When asked by his teachers, family and friends as to what he wants to be when he grows up, his prompt reply was always: “ A truck driver”. Mohammed had geared his studies towards learning ropes from “best in the industry” (his mentors and gurus, his beloved grandfather and uncle), and is currently persuing a degree in marketing and supply chain management.


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